Am I my mother?

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One day, an ordinary housewife abandons her traditional role and stops looking after the household.

Am I my mother?

Two stories – or the same old story?

One day, an ordinary housewife abandons her traditional role and stops looking after the household. She goes on strike and sets downs tools – and the laundry begins to pile up. How do the other members of the household adapt to the new gender roles and balance of power? The play is a family story set in two different time periods, focusing on the influence of each generation on the next and on marital relations for better and for worse. Is it possible to throw off your traditional roles? Or will you always be your mother?

María Reyndal has built up a strong reputation in recent years as a writer and director. The play is staged jointly by Reykjavik City Theatre and Garpur Women's Association. Garpur has previously attracted attention for the plays Mannasiðir (Manners) and Sóley Rós, ræstitækni (Sóley Rós, cleaning lady), which gained five nominations and two victories in the 2017 Gríman Icelandic Performing Arts Awards (Best Play and Best Supporting Actress). Manners was the Easter film on Icelandic national television in 2018. It received four nominations for Edda Film and TV Awards and was named Best Television Drama in 2018.

The play is supported by the Drama Council, the Artist Wage Fund and the City of Reykjavik.

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