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Is the lie true?

A young student goes for an appointment to see her university tutor, who is hoping for a promotion and has his eyes set on buying a house. But what starts out as a normal academic advice session turns into merciless warfare and sets off a frightening chain of events which overturns the balance of power between them – and overturns life itself along the way.

What is the relationship between power, language and gender discrimination? This is one of the knotty questions with which this cutting and masterfully written play throws us completely off balance. A play about power and truth which leaves nobody untouched.

Club Romantica

The whole story begins with a photo album bought by performing artist Friðgeir Einarsson at a flea market in Belgium. We do not know the people on the pictures, and it is a mystery why the album was on sale. Had it been stolen? Had it been lost? Or maybe thrown away? The only thing that we do know is that a Belgium woman went on holiday to Mallorca forty years ago, drank sangria, went to the beach, had a go on a pedalo and took pictures of herself and her friend. More


It has to be fun!