About us

Reykjavik City Theatre


The Reykjavik City Theatre (RCT) is one of Iceland's oldest and most prestigious cultural institutions. Operated by the Reykjavik Theatre Company, its history stretches back more than a century to the foundation of the Company in 1897. It is now, alongside the National Theatre of Iceland, one of the nation's two preeminent playhouses. Reykjavik City Theatre, as the name suggests, is the municipal theatre of Iceland's capital city.

Brynhildur Guðjónsdóttir has served as the artistic director of the Reykjavik City Theatre since February 2020.

The artistic director reports to the board of the Reykjavik Theatre Company and serves for four years at a time. The management of the Reykjavik City Theatre is under the supervision of the artistic director, who holds artistic and operational responsibility of the theatre.

Brynhildur is an actress, playwright and director. She graduated with a BA Hons degree in acting from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1998 but previously finished a BA degree in French literature and linguistics from the University of Iceland in 1995. She was a research fellow in playwriting at Yale School of Drama 2011-2012. Before her appointment as artistic director, she was an actress and director at the Reykjavík City Theatre and directed main stage productions such as Shakespeare's Richard III and Chekhov's Uncle Vanya.

Role and vision

The aim of the Reykjavik City Theatre is to offer a variety of theatrical performances and events catering to all strata of society. The Reykjavik City Theatre is a vibrant and joyful place to gather – a cultural institution that aspires to be a leading force in Icelandic culture by producing high-quality, professional performances that provoke discussion, spark joy and leaves a lasting imprint on the audience. The repertoire of the theatre ranges from new Icelandic plays and experimental performances to classics, musicals and large-scale children plays. The Reykjavik City Theatre is a modern company where all members of society are welcome.

The building

In 1989, after 90 years of performing in a small building in the city centre, the Reykjavik Theatre Company moved to its current venue in the Reykjavik City Theatre. The new, modern building is on a par with many of Europe's best theatres and features excellent facilities and several adaptable, high-tech stages.

The Reykjavik City Theatre is a large complex, measuring 11,000 square meters, and has three major stages, in addition to less formal performance spaces.

Stóra sviðið / The Main Stage

  • The auditorium has approximately 546 seats
  • Incorporates auxiliary back and wing stages
  • Modern sound and lighting systems
  • The fly equipment is motorised, with a compact mobile network-based control system where several operators can simultaneously monitor all the movements
  • A revolving stage and an orchestra pit for fifty musicians

  • Nýja sviðið / The New Stage

  • The auditorium has approximately 250 seats
  • A black box offering never-ending possibilities
  • Modern sound and lighting systems

Litla sviðið / The Small Stage

  • The auditorium has approximately 200 seats
  • A theatre-in-the-round with a versatile stage and balconies
  • Modern sound and lighting systems

Studios and workshops

All departments are located in the theatre building:

  • Rehearsal studios
  • Props department
  • Costume department
  • Scenery, painting & forge department
  • Wigs and make-up department
  • Recording studio
  • Lighting and electricity workshop
  • Conference room
  • Underground car park and docks with elevators
  • Canteen

Performances have been staged in various other locations in the building, such as the theatre´s foyer and green room. The company has also offered staged tours of the entire complex.

The RCT also runs an educational department with the aim of opening up the theatre to young and old, thus sparking an interest in theatre among new generations and new theatregoers. Nursery and primary school students are regularly invited to visit the theatre, tours and educational visits are offered on demand, and the educational department publishes a variety of material relating to the theatre´s productions on the RCT website.


Reykjavik City Theatre has currently has about 200 employees. Approximately 20 job categories are represented at the theatre.