Activities of the Reykjavík City Theatre - Finances, audiences

The City of Reykjavik provided funds of ISK 621 million over the last season. This contribution is paid in twelve roughly equal instalments. In parallel, the Reykjavik Theatre Company (LR) raises its own income through ticket sales, catering, leasing and sponsorships.


LR shall organise substantial and continuous cultural activities all year round at Reykjavik City Theatre – on its own initiative, in collaboration with others or in any other way ensuring good utilisation of the building.

LR shall stage at least five theatrical performances per year and grant at least two other theatrical groups use of Reykjavik City Theatre for their rehearsals and performances. A call for applications from other theatrical groups shall be issued by March 1st of each year.

Project selection

Reykjavik City Theatre has a diverse process for selecting projects, based on LR’s own governing charter, the contract with the City of Reykjavik and Reykjavik City Theatre’s policy-making procedures, as appropriate. Project selection is administered by the Theatre Manager, with the active involvement of artistic advisers and theatre employees – often using a project selection committee and regular play readings. The LR Management Board approves the project selection for the coming season in the previous spring.

The main principles guiding LR’s project selection are that the theatrical works chosen should be exceptional in their own way, rich in content and of high relevance to the present day and the audiences of Reykjavik City Theatre – whether funny or serious. On the whole, the aim is to select projects that are diverse, colourful, ambitious, strong and – last but not least – of high quality.

Each of the theatre’s stages has its own flavour: the Main Stage focuses on large-scale productions, the New Stage is for more intimate projects and the Small Stage focuses on proximity between actors and audience.

Organisational structure, management and key executives

LR is a private institution run in accordance with Icelandic legislation on private institutions. The LR Management Board is responsible for running both LR and the Reykjavik City Theatre. It appoints a Theatre Manager to run the theatre on behalf of the Management Board. It also appoints an Executive Director, who is responsible for the theatre’s finances and operations.

Building management 

A specific entity, the Reykjavik City Theatre Building Management Board, supervises the operations and maintenance of the theatre’s premises and compliance with the contract between the City of Reykjavik and LR regarding the Reykjavik City Theatre. The Reykjavik City Theatre Building Management Board is appointed for four years at a time, following each set of municipal elections in Reykjavik. Three members of the Board are appointed by the Mayor of Reykjavik and a further two by the LR Management Board. The Executive Director also attends the meetings of the Building Management Board.

Operation of premises 

The City of Reykjavik owns the Reykjavik City Theatre and sees to maintenance of the premises. The Property Manager is Ögmundur Þór Jóhannesson. The City of Reykjavik Property Fund is responsible for operations and maintenance, while work is carried out by the City of Reykjavik Planning and Implementation Division. Operations are handled in respect of an approved long-term plan for maintenance and the acquisition of new technology and equipment.