I run

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  • Opening night April 23rd
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After losing a child, a man in an unnamed place starts to run. He runs and runs and is unable to stop. 

I run

Where do you end up if you just keep on running?

After losing a child, a man in an unnamed place starts to run. He runs and runs and is unable to stop. He cannot deal with his grief in any other way – when he is running, he feels light, free and strong. This enables him to talk about his loss and the injustice and vulnerability that plague him. When he is running, he can talk about his wellbeing and his feelings – not the strong suit of many men.

Line Mørkeby is one of Denmark's foremost playwrights, and in this challenging play, she searches for answers for moving on with life after the loss of a child. The text is rhythmic, crisp and emotional and the journey is unusual, shocking and fascinating all at the same time. Gísli Örn Garðarsson stands alone on stage and runs through the inner anguish of the main character.

Garðarsson is donating his earnings from the show to the Ný Dögun and Ljónsharta bereavement associations, the Bergið support and counselling centre for young people and the Dropinn charity for children with diabetes.

“I grew up practising gymnastics, where routines on each piece of apparatus last forty seconds. I have never done any running to speak of. In fact, I can't think of anything more boring and difficult. I haven't got the patience for it. Then I see all those people running for various charities and causes and admire them, not least because of how it gets us talking about how trauma affects so many people. I have experience of this myself, and as you get older, you appreciate more how important it is to be able to talk to others about what is hurting you. It is probably the only way to really free the soul. Hopefully, boys in the future will be better at it than our generation. I at least hope that this play will go some way towards contributing to that, while at the same time raising useful money for charity. I estimate that I run 10–12 km during each performance. This is something I have never done before.”


It has to be fun!


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