Richard III

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I am determined to prove a villain

Richard III

Richard III, directed by Brynhildur Guðjónsdóttir, was a huge success last season and was widely praised. The play, one of Shakespeare’s earliest, premiered over 400 years ago, but retains all of its force in today’s world, where civilisation and human kindness are fighting an uphill struggle.

The power-crazed Richard III will stop at nothing to gain the crown of England. He has no qualms about murdering those who stand in his way and marrying his way to the throne. Richard must do battle with five generations of women who do everything they can to thwart him. But he is cunning and unpredictable, smooth-talking and quick-thinking, both actor and director in a spectacle of his own making, which he weaves with gruesome genius.

The production was the winner of the Gríman Icelandic Performing Arts Awards in 2019, picking up a total of six titles: Best Performance, Best Director (Brynhildur Guðjónsdóttir), Best Male Lead (Hjörtur Jóhann Jónsson), Best Stage Design (Ilmur Stefánsdóttir), Best Costumes (Filippía I. Elísdóttir) and Best Lighting (Bergsteinn Guðmundsson). Edda Björg Eyjólfsdóttir was also nominated for Best Female Lead and Baldvin Magnússon and Daníel Bjarnason for Best Soundtrack.

Christmas tangle

Don't dress for dinner

Husband and wife Benedikt and Þórunn decide to take themselves off to their summer house in Eyjafjörður – each with their own secret under wraps. When Þórunn decides to go and visit her mother, Benedikt seizes the opportunity to invite his lover and a group of friends over for a party – but all of sudden, his wife changes her mind and decides at the last minute to stay at home.