Reykjavík City Theatre

Theatre year 2020-2021

Information about performances with English subtitles for the theatre year 2020-2021. 


A lonely woodcarver discovers a talking block of pinewood and decides to make a puppet out of it. And so, Pinocchio the wooden boy is born – an inquisitive pranker who has some trouble keeping on the straight and narrow. Instead of obeying his father, he goes in search of dubious adventures. He encounters a talking cricket who tries to talk some sense into him, allows himself to be tricked by a scheming cat and fox and goes through all sorts of mishaps before finally growing up with help of the blue-haired fairy.

In a new and vibrant version, actors and musicians bring to life this classic and much-loved adventure about the wooden boy.

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  • Gosi

Nine life

Bubbi Morthens in all his incarnations is inextricably woven into the Icelandic national soul. The star who rose from the mud – first as the mouthpiece of the working class, then the folk singer of the nation, then the atom punk and guano rocker who turned into a ballad crooner singing with big bands. The opinionated windbag, the poet who couldn't write, the addict who got back on his feet, the womaniser and the man who loved only one woman, the Cuban and the Hollywood Viking, the hunter, the pacifist and the boxer. The story of Bubbi Morthens is the story of us all – the story of Iceland. But who is he really? And who are we?

In this large-scale production, actors, dancers, musicians and other performers go all out to find the Bubbi in us all and fill the stage with the stories, songs, poems and colours of this beloved and controversial artist.

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Nothing beats a good party! The mood, wine, gifts, great songs turned all the way up to eleven, juicy gossip and grilled hot dogs at midnight. But it can all go wrong. Maybe the venue you hired was too large, perhaps the theme is too complicated? Did you forget to get your neighbours' permission? Is Aunt Sigrún too neurotic to be in control? Parties are an important part of life. Just think of all the birthday parties we‘ve been to, the work dos, the graduation parties, the weddings, the dinner parties, all the sandwich cake and wreath cake we have washed down with sparkling wine or boxed red wine in fragile plastic glasses.

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