Reykjavík City Theatre

Nine lives

Bubbi Morthens in all his incarnations is inextricably woven into the Icelandic national soul. The star who rose from the mud – first as the mouthpiece of the working class, then the folk singer of the nation, then the atom punk and guano rocker who turned into a ballad crooner singing with big bands. The opinionated windbag, the poet who couldn't write, the addict who got back on his feet, the womaniser and the man who loved only one woman, the Cuban and the Hollywood Viking, the hunter, the pacifist and the boxer. The story of Bubbi Morthens is the story of us all – the story of Iceland. But who is he really? And who are we?

In this large-scale production, actors, dancers, musicians and other performers go all out to find the Bubbi in us all and fill the stage with the stories, songs, poems and colours of this beloved and controversial artist.

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