Reykjavík City Theatre

About us

In 1989, after 90 years of performing in a small building in the city center, the company inaugurated a new, modern theatre complex. The large new building is on a par with many of Europe´s best theatres and boasts excellent facilities and several adaptable, high-tec stages.

Since 2020, the RCT´s Artistic Director is Brynhildur Guðjónsdóttir.

The building

The Reykjavik City Theatre is a large complex, measuring 11,000 square meters, and has three major stages, in addition to less formal staging possibilities.

The Main Stage

 Seating for 546 guests and incorporates auxiliary back and wing stages, a fly tower with hydraulic flying facilities, a revolving stage and an orchestra pit for fifty musicians.

The New Stage

Seating up to 250, is a black box offering never-ending possibilities.

The Small Stage

With an audience capacity of up to 200, is a theatre-in-the-round with a versatile stage and balconies.

Performances have been staged in various other locations in the building, such as the theatre´s foyer and green room. The company has also offered staged tours of the entire complex.

The RCT's facilities also include rehearsal spaces, workshops for set design and construction, props, tailoring and costume departments, carpentry and metal workshops, art and paint shops, a recording studio, a lighting and electricity workshop, a powerhouse for the ventilation system, a canteen, a conference room, a gym, an underground car park and docks with elevators.

The RCT also runs an educational department with the aim of opening up the theatre to young and old, thus sparking an interest in theatre among new generations and new theatregoers. Nursery and primary school students are regularly invited to visit the theatre, tours and educational visits are offered on demand, and the educational department publishes a variety of material relating to the theatre´s productions on the RCT website.

Role and vision
To reach out to and move different groups in our society by asking questions, critizising, arousing joy and speaking the unspoken. To listen and conduct experiments that make people think. To provoke a discussion, open people‘s minds and strengthen their intellect by investigating human nature and reflecting society.

The Reykjavík City Theatre is a vibrant, open and fun place to come together. It is a place that fosters a close connection to its surroundings. Here and now, we are engaged in an honest dialogue with different groups in our society. We are multicultural, brave and progressive.

We reflect contemporary society by creating theatre for audiences of different backgrounds and all ages, through innovation, experimentation and staged performances. We offer striking productions, using a great variety of artistic methods. We dare to tell stories and together tackle the many challenges we will encounter on the way.


The RCT has excellent food and drink facilities and guests can enjoy delicious refreshments before a show or during the interval. Pre-booking a table with food and drinks is a popular option with groups. 

Contact information

Artistic Director: Brynhildur Guðjónsdóttir
Manager: Kristín Ögmundsdóttir

Tel: +354 5685500
The Reykjavik City Theatre,
Listabraut 3,
103 Reykjavík