About us

Reykjavík Theatre Company ses is a non-profit organisation and, with a continuous operational history extending back 123 years, is one of Iceland's oldest cultural institutions. 

The Company operates the Reykjavík City Theatre pursuant to a special agreement with the City of Reykjavík. Reykjavík City Theatre is the most-attended theatre in Iceland. With its commitment to progressive, professional, and ambitious productions, the Theatre employs an average of 130-160 people. Each year, Reykjavík City Theatre offers 16-20 productions and a variety of other events. Over the past five years, the Theatre has welcomed an average of 200,000 guests per year.

Our season runs from the September through June each year. The RCT stages 10 to 12 new productions annually, in addition to hosting a variety of collaborations with other theatre companies. Our audience tallies range from 180 – 220,000 per annum, making RCT the most popular theatre in Iceland. The Reykjavik City Theatre is subsidised by the City of Reykjavik and is fortunate to enjoy corporate sponsorship while maintaining a healthy independent balance sheet.

The company draws on a richly varied repertoire of international and domestic works. We break new ground even as we produce classics. Furthermore, the RTC promotes a wide range of outside events varying from philosophical debates to rock concerts. Furthermore, it is our great honour and privilege to be the resident theatre of Id, the Icelandic Dance Company.

In order to maintain an edge in competitive innovation, RCT also promotes productions by independent theatre groups. Each year the theatre also hosts international guest performances while exporting progressive Icelandic theatre to the international theatre and performance scenes abroad. The Reykjavik City Theatre has successfully collaborated with many leading international companies such as the Barbican Centre and Young Vic in London and Het Muziek Theater in Amsterdam, The City Theatre Malmö, Sweden, Theatre Får 304, Copenhagen, Denmark. We are proud too to be the principal collaborators of the innovative and acclaimed Vesturport theatre group, with whom we have produced the international hits Romeo and Juliet, Woyzeck, Faust.


We present a wide range of projects.
RCT pledges to create cutting-edge theatre that is rich in content and poses a definitive relevance to our audience and contemporary life, be it comically or dramatically. We aim to present a richly contrasting and colourful body of work that is carefully constructed leaves a lasting impression on our audience. Let each piece be engaging and original in its own right, and let us insure that audience members of all ages will be entertained with local and international works of force and ingenuity.

Our four technically proficient stages help to make this possible. The Big Stage, as the name suggests, has room enough for large productions of vision and scope. The New Stage is reserved for more immediate projects, while the Small Stage is designed for intimacy between the audience and actors.

Since the fall of 2019 RCT had been able to offer selected shows with subtitles both in English and Polish. Our intention is to reach out  to our multi cultured modern day society and bring RCT closer to everyone.

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